Golden Rules Before Gambling

Hello my fellow friends! Today at SafeBestOnlineCasino I will be listing out a few golden rules that you should follow while playing in an online casino. These rules are meant to make the best out of your online casino experience. And the best here meaning most profitable because that is the reason for people to play in an online casino the first place.

When it comes to gambling, it is all about money. Your money? Their money? Winnings money? What money? Well every aspect that involves money counts, after all it is a money’s game. So the best thing you can do is to plan wisely. Below are the tips that will help you out in your endeavour to a life of riches:

1. PLAY WITH THE AMOUNT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. (No there is nothing wrong with my Caps key). This is one of the most fundamental rule you should always keep in mind before playing in an online casino. People tend to get carried away with the thought of them winning especially when they are losing and expecting to win back all the money lost. Trust me on this, you may win some if you get lucky, but what happens if you are not? Putting your entire bankroll at stake is a big NONO! If you are wondering where you can find reliable casinos, you can simply view our comprehensive online casino reviews. We have over 30 top names in the online casino industry.

2. Set the Amount Of Your Cash In. $200? $300? Whatever the amount may be, make sure it is reasonable to what you are earning and reasonable to your current assets. You do not want to cash in 000 when you are only making 200 a month. Be reasonable and remember that you have other commitments in life. Even if you don’t, it is always a smart thing to scale the amount wisely. Once you set the proper amount, STICK WITH IT. Say you wish to deposit 00, once the 00 is gone, it is gone! Don’t ever try to win it back.

3. Hit Big And Run Big. I know that playing in an online casino can be fun an addictive, especially when you have all the access at the comfort of your own room. However, bear in mind that the LONGER you play, THE MORE LIKELY you will LOSE. So the trick here is to hit big and cashout IMMEDIATELY. For example if you are playing slots and you won a bonus game. You got much more than what you have deposited. That is a sign for you to quickly cashou! After years of experience and finally cracking my stubborn mind, I have learned that you should never stay in a game for long. Sure, you may get another bonus over time, but in the long run you will lose more than your initial winnings. You are the casino’s business, and your lost is their gain. So play smart! The reason for them to run a casino in the first place is because they have a house edge over you, meaning the higher probability of winning. A higher probability will be a huge influence to your gambling finances the longer you are in the game. And you will not want that to happen, do you?

4. Set Your Target. If you decided to cashin 00 and only cashout when you have won at least 00, then be sure to do it. Some people tend to get carried away with their “luck” and ended up losing everything. I experienced many times winning big, and because I thought I had “luck”, I decided to continue playing in hopes that I’ll be an overnight millionaire. You probably would have guessed it, I lost it all in the end. Come on guys, this is reality and even the luckiest of the luck will not shine that bright to reap you a million in your bankroll the next day.

5. Mind Over Matter. Some people have a very strong resistance towards losing. So what does this actually mean? There are people who cannot accept the fact that they have lost. These kinds of thoughts can be very destructive especially towards your wallet. If you lose, you lose. Accept that fact and bounce off from your seat. Putting in more money may give you chances to win but if it doesn’t then I am sure you do not want to eat plain bread and cup noodles do you?

That is all the advice I can give now. Remember to keep yourself updated with our online casino list or read up on online casino reviews over at this site! Our constant updated information assures that you are only playing in the most trusted and reliable casino available on the net. With that I bid you all adiue and wish you the very best in your gambling experiences online.

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